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Create ‘fast user switching’ shortcut

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fast user switching is a very useful feature of Windows for multi-user computers. fast user switching allows multiple users to be logged into a computer at once. This is very useful when someone is in the middle of work but another needs to use the computer shortly.

Fast user switching will allow the other user to log in while still retaining the other users session. Once the other user is finished the session can be switched back to the original user. now lets see how to create shortcut for fast user switching.

* Right click the area the shortcut you want to appear then click new shortcut * Now copy c:\windows\system32\tsdiscon.exe to location area (typing area next to browse button)

* Now give a name for shortcut (ex-fast user)

* Click finish

* Now double click the shortcut see the results

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